Tips for better webinars, webcasts and improved ROI

Webinars have reached critical mass and most B2B marketers, it seems, have added them to their marketing mix.  But lately, I’ve watched some really bad webinars and webcasts.

So rather than go on a screed about it, I thought I’d share some tips on what I’ve learned from promoting dozens of web events.

Webinars compete for your audience’s most precious commodity – time.  Don’t for get your audience wants information that is relevant and meaningful.  Don’t waste their time with a sales pitch.

Where do webinars/webcasts fit into lead generation?

, Tips for better webinars, webcasts and improved ROI I’m often asked where do webinars/webcasts fit in the lead generation continuum?  To help you, I’ve put together a graphic which shows approximately where they fit in They also fit very nicely into a lead nurturing programs too.  (Click image to enlarge)

Don’t try to “sell” me – I’m not ready!

I’ve seen many marketers ruin their lead generation performance by rushing an unqualified list of attendees to their sales team.

Most Attendees are not leads!  On average, 5% to 10% of attendees are sales ready opportunities.  Plus most sales people will only call 15% to 20% of that list anyway. This presents a great opportunity for those companies who want to be positioned as thought leaders and keep their audience coming back.

Relevant Content – a catalyst for big attendance

High quality content can dramatically build webinar attendance. Why?  Relevant content builds credibility, generates positive word of mouth (wom) and creates a buzz for future events.

The results…

By following this basic truth, InTouch, increased webinar registrations by 255% with out changing any webinar promotion tactics.

Here’s the registration results for a quarterly event series: Event 1 (280 registrants), Event 2 (495 registrants), Event 3 (995 registrants).

Industry average webinar attendance is around 30% but by focusing on, “thought leadership”, our attendance was at 41% of registrants and the total number of attendees grew by 583%.

Example: Thought Leaders in Lead Generation

Using your archive properly boosts attendance
Don’t forget to archive your webinars/web casts and make sure they are visible to your website visitors.

Thanks to my webcast sponsor, NetBriefings, we’ve generated an average of 1664% more archive attendees compared to our live events!  For example, our first event had just 85 live attendees but 14-months later that same event has tracked over 1500 unique archive attendees.

Collect and Use Feedback
Make sure you collect feedback both during and after the event via on-line survey tools like surveymonkey.  The real-world feedback we’ve collected helped us make each event better.

Let your audience self qualify themselves with a “request a sales person contact me” box on your post event survey.  Those who don’t qualify yet need to be added to your lead nurturing program.

Webinar/webcast resources

HRmarketer.com Blog : Using Webinars as an Effective Marketing and PR Tool. – Tips on how to effectively promote your events.

Webcasts for Lead Generation White Paper – by web conferencing provider Interwise provides a great white paper on the subject.

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