MarketingSherpa Readers Choice Blog Awards

Thank you for nominating the B2B Lead Generation Blog! Check out the other 28 quality blogs that were nominated for the Readers’ Choice Blog Awards (listed by category). I’m listed in the “Business-to-Business Marketing” section. If I merit your vote, please let them know.
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1. We’ve included hotlinks to the nominated Blogs so you can quickly check out the ones you don’t already know. (It’s a very fun surfing project.)

2. If your time is limited, that’s ok. Just pick the category of Blogs you’re most interested in (such as PR, or b-to-b marketing) and vote for the Blogs in it.

3. Yes, you can pass this link to others. You can also post the link on your blog.

4. The winners in each category will be spotlit in a MarketingSherpa special issue. Plus we’ll distribute a press release to Google and Yahoo News hotlinking to the winners. And, last but not least, winners get glorious t-shirts and an Winner icon they can place on their Blog if they want to.

5. Please note: Only 29 of the 50+ submitted Blogs qualified by our rules (must have been written regularly since Jan 2nd 2004; must be on the topic of marketing, PR, advertising.) There are many other fabulous blogs out there. This is a list limited to the ones MarketingSherpa’s 173,000 readers personally nominated.

And, yes there is a write-in vote if you’d like to add a qualified Blog that our readers overlooked.