The difference between lead nurturing and lead generation explained in two minutes

In the process of working with a leading IT networking organization to help them teach their channel partners about lead nurturing, I developed a series of very short videos to make the concept understandable and accessible. They’re about two minutes each, and this is the first one. It responds to a very common question: what’s the difference between lead nurturing and integrated lead generation campaigns?

If you want a crash course on lead nurturing or know of someone who could use one, feel free to bookmark this page, tweet and forward it.

Future posts will look at the following topics:

  • What the key ingredients of lead nurturing are and how they work together to create an effective lead-nurturing campaign.
  • How lead nurturing solves problems by aligning with buying behavior and the goals of sales
  • How lead nurturing accelerates the buying process and results in bigger deals and higher win-rates.
  • Where to find leads to nurture and how lead nurturing keeps prospects from slipping out of the marketing and sales funnel.

If you have any suggestions on how to supplement this series, let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more lead-nurturing insights.

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J. David Green

J. David Green is the CEO of PipeAlign, a company that helps B2B companies tell a winning story, scale that story across sales and marketing, and measure and improve what matters most. Among other accomplishments, Dave generated a billion dollar sales pipeline in 20 months for Avaya, increased SMB revenue for Symantec from $2MM a year to $25M a year in twelve months, wrote a book on scalable lead generation, and has spoken at the DMA, MarketingSherpa, the BMA, the AMA, and many other events.

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