Targeting Your B2B Lead Generation

Often lead generation programs seem more ready-fire-aim instead of ready-aim-fire.  Mac McInTosh wrote a helpful article on, “Targeting Your B2B Lead Generation,” that I think provides some good tips and reminders. 

Mac writes, “When searching for leads for selling your products or services, you want to find those companies who have a problem for which you have the solution. How do you go about finding those companies and how do you find the level of contacts you need from within the companies?” 

Mac’s seven tips to better target your lead generation:

  1. Rank current customers and look for attributes
  2. Consider lead generation questions
  3. Determine likely prospects
  4. Target lead generation by market
  5. Target lead generation by geography
  6. Research the media
  7. Focus on b-to-b marketing vehicles

Multichannel Merchant: Targeting Your B2B Lead Generation

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