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Teleprospecting: When marketing lead response time is a priority (and when it’s not)

When you’re converting inquiries into qualified leads, it’s widely believed that time is of the essence. Even research published in the Harvard Business Review says you’re almost seven times more likely to qualify a lead if you respond by phone within five minutes than if you respond an hour later. That’s why, when one of […]

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Introduction to Lead Management

Generating leads is an important B2B marketing goal, but what happens once those leads are in the pipeline? This blog post addresses the challenge of lead management. Brian Carroll defines lead management, explains why it is so important in the complex sale and outlines the various elements in lead management, including people, process and technology.

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3 Factors that Connect Value Prop to Prospects

There is one question at the heart of lead generation: If I am you ideal prospect, why should I buy from you rather than your competitors?

How effectively you answer this will impact the performance of your marketing. Read on to learn three factors to consider when crafting value propositions that you can use to aid your lead gen efforts.

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