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Marketing Automation and SMBs – an Overview

Marketing automation software can be fairly large budget line item at a small- to medium-sized business, but that level of technology can really help day-to-day marketing activities.
David Kirkpatrick, Manager of Editorial Content, MECLABS, was interviewed by SalesFusion on SMB implementation of automation software. This B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post features an extended version of his answers for that interview.

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Marketing Strategy: 3 steps to help optimize website user experience

Learn three steps to optimize your web experience and to get more leads by getting feedback from prospects and customers.. This is the most valuable insight you’ll ever receive because it gives you a direct window into how you serve your customers.

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Email Marketing: Do you test your legacy marketing?

Change can be tough if your organization is entrenched in a legacy approach to marketing. So read on to learn more about how testing and optimization can help you challenge your legacy assumptions by putting them on trial to determine if those practices are still truly the “best” for your organization.

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