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Why purpose matters to marketing: growth, revenue, and profit

Does your purpose currently impact your marketing, revenue growth, and profit? If not, it should. Here’s why: According to research, curated by Mack Fogelson, consider the following: 73% of people care about the company, not just the product when making a purchase. (BBMG) 50% of purchases are made because of word-of-mouth (Brains on Fire) 85% […]

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OpenView Names Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012

I received some news today that leaves me both humbled and honored. OpenView Labs named its top 25 sales influencers for 2012, and I am among them. This is especially meaningful for two reasons. First, I have tremendous respect for the people who have joined me on this list; I’m in great company. Learn more […]

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From a Challenging Marketing Past to the Most Promising Marketing Future: Top Takeaways from the 2011 B2B Roundtable Webinars

I can’t stress this enough: when it comes to marketing, if we’re not constantly learning, we’re going to find ourselves left behind faster than ever. Some people say I’m an expert in B2B lead generation because I wrote a book on it, but you know what? I am astonished by what I didn’t know then […]

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Aha! Marketing Leaders Reveal Their Most Powerful Business Insights from 2011

At the B2B Summit 2011 in San Francisco, Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content at MECLABS, asked me and a few other attendees to reveal our most important “aha” moments in 2011. Our responses are compiled in the video below; hearing what my colleagues had to say produced even more “aha” moments for me, and I’m […]

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B2B Webinar Part 2 – Finish 2011 Strong: Six Funnel Focal Points to Maximize Time, Resources and Revenues

Your success hinges on what you accomplish in the time you have, and that is never more true than these last few months of the year as we all race to meet projections, quotas and sales goals. At our next B2B Lead Roundtable webinar, I will once again be joined by an outstanding in-the-trenches marketer, […]

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Traits of the Best Teleprospectors

Last month’s webinars on leveraging the human touch to drive leads, presented for the B2B Lead Roundtable and Marketo, prompted a great question: “What should I look for in a teleprospector?” Unfortunately, that can’t be answered with a fast, convenient sound bite. That’s why I’m going to do my best to respond here in my […]

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Celebrating the B2B Lead Roundtable and Its 8,500 Members

The B2B Lead Roundtable celebrates its second anniversary and providing its members a forum where they can share questions, information, ideas, insights without having to endure self promotion.

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Nine Reasons Why B2B Marketing Should Own the Teleprospecting Function

Over the last several years, according to MarketingSherpa, marketing departments are increasingly taking responsibility for tele-prospecting. Why do you suppose that is happening? Let me be clear: teleprospecting is not selling something over the phone, a function that remains squarely in the sales organization. B2B companies use telesprospecting to follow up on and qualify marketing-generated responders, […]

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Moving from Demand Generation to Revenue Performance Management

Learn from the pioneers of revenue’s new frontier at the B2B Lead Generation Roundtable Webinar on February 1. Paul Teshima, Eloqua’s Senior Vice President of Customer Strategy and Success, and Hope Frank, Chief Marketing officer for Webtrends, will look at how they, and other top-performing organizations, have optimized the sales and marketing funnel with Revenue Performance Management.

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