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How to do lead management that improves conversion

Have you looked at your lead management approach from the perspective of customer experience? If not, you may want to start now. Here’s why: The average conversion rate of marketing qualified leads to customers is low. You may be wondering: how low? According to Forrester, top performers convert 1.54% of marketing qualified leads to revenue. […]

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How to Improve Lead Routing to Skyrocket Sales Results

Have you intentionally managed and optimized your sales lead routing and assignment process? If not, you could be leaking sales, marketing ROI and not realize it. Let me explain. LeadData’s new report, The State of Lead Management, based on a survey of 527 B2B sellers and marketers found an average 25.5 % of marketing-generated leads […]

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16 Proven Ways to Get Better Opportunities Now (Part 1)

When I’ve talked with marketers about their B2B lead generation results, I’ve heard statements like, “We’re generating a ton of leads, but they aren’t converting” or “We need to increase quantity” or “We need to generate more qualified sales leads.” Marketers spend a lot of time and effort doing inbound marketing, but they often struggle […]

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Introduction to Lead Management

Generating leads is an important B2B marketing goal, but what happens once those leads are in the pipeline? This blog post addresses the challenge of lead management. Brian Carroll defines lead management, explains why it is so important in the complex sale and outlines the various elements in lead management, including people, process and technology.

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3 Important Lessons for Lead Gen and Life

People look to Brian Carroll, Executive Director of Revenue Optimization, MECLABS, as an expert at lead generation because he wrote a book and speaks about it. But even he is constantly learning and constantly discovering how much more he has to learn. Read on for three important lessons for lead gen that Brian has discovered from his experiences in 2013.

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Lead Management: 4 principles to follow

MECLABS Senior Reporter David Kirkpatrick is at MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013 in San Francisco on day one, live blogging the Lead Management Workshop that features a dive into larger topics including lead capture, lead qualification and lead nurture. Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, presented the introduction to the workshop, and David had the opportunity to speak with Brandon Stamschror, Senior Director of Content Operations, MECLABS, and co-author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale.

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Lead Gen: A proposed replacement for BANT

It’s time to move BANT methodology into retirement. BANT is not feasible without someone having a conversation with a prospect. For marketing departments, it’s impossible to deliver BANT qualified leads unless marketing owns an inside sales function. Read on for a proposed replacement for BANT, called PAM.

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