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How Empathy Will Grow Your Sales and Marketing Pipeline

Are you using empathy in your marketing? Why? Because marketing isn’t something you do to people; it’s something you do with people. You might be wondering: why am I saying this? The problem with modern sales and marketing A problem with I see with marketing (and sales) is this: we get clinical and treat our […]

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Lead Nurturing: You can’t automate trust

Lead nurturing is a key activity in the complex sale, but if that outreach lacks relevancy it probably won’t have the intended impact.

In this B2B Lead Roundtable Blot post, Brian Carroll covers some ill-advised nurturing he experienced at a recent trade show and provides key takeaways on what does make lead nurturing work.

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The Domino Theory of B2B Content Marketing

Too often, marketers think of content marketing as only text and graphics. But, content marketing is the entire customer experience across your customer-facing brand touchpoints. In this blog post, learn about how the “domino theory” of content marketing is a perfect metaphor for engaging prospects, not just within the buying cycle, but across the lifecycle of a customer.

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BNET Interviews Brian Carroll: ‘Focus on Helping, Not Closing’

Brian Carroll was interviewed by Phil Dobbie, BNET and CBS News. Brian reveals how to execute the kind of engaging lead-nurturing conversations that result in more and better-selling opportunities. Listen here, or review key points by following these timestamps: -21:20 How can salespeople strike the perfect balance between nurturing existing leads and getting more sales […]

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Lead Generation Checklist – Part 1: The Mindset: Conversations, not campaigns

Building an effective lead generation program is kind of like baking a cake. There are certain ingredients that are absolutely necessary. You can tweak the recipe a little here and there adding your own special touches as long as you include the main components. Over the next few months, I want to offer you a […]

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Lead Nurturing is Walking the Buying Path with Your Customers

Are you doing lead nurturing to help your customers walk their buying path? A recent study of B-to-B buyers shows that sales people who become trusted advisors and understand the needs of economic buyers are 69% more likely to come away with a sale! That’s why forming a plan for lead nurturing is such an […]

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Announcing the B2B Roundtable Podcast

I’m hosting a new podcast show called B2B Roundtable Podcast. The show will focus on Advice + Inspiration for Marketing & Sales Leaders We’ll bring you actionable B2B marketing and sales lessons to help you get better results and drive growth. I’ll be interviewing the marketing and sales thought leaders on topics from B2B marketing, […]

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Why is lead nurturing like ripening bananas?

Imagine your marketplace is like a field of banana trees. Your marketing people are those who nurture and pick the bananas. Bananas are harvested when they are green, and they turn yellow as they ripen. Check out Chris Coleman’s book, “The Green Banana Papers.” Over 20 years of lead generation experience for 60 clients with […]

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