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3 Important Lessons for Lead Generation and Life

People look to Brian Carroll, Executive Director of Revenue Optimization, MECLABS, as an expert at lead generation because he wrote a book and speaks about it. But even he is constantly learning and constantly discovering how much more he has to learn. Read on for three important lessons for lead gen that Brian has discovered from his experiences in 2013.

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B2B Marketing: What an 11% drop in conversion taught a live audience about lead gen

There’s a paradox that exists in lead generation. Marketers typically want more information about their leads. This translates to more form fields on a lead generation form. So how do you balance lead quality and quantity in your form fields? Read to learn more about what a 12% drop in conversion can teach you about lead generation.

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Digital Marketing: How to craft a value proposition in 5 simple steps

There’s a fundamental question every customer wants answered that directly impacts your ability to convert – “If I’m your ideal prospect, why should I buy from you rather than any of your competitors?” So read further to learn more about how you can identify and express a value proposition in five simple steps using the MECLABS value proposition worksheet.

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How B2B marketers can get fresh ideas from B2C

Learn how to get B2B inspiration insights and tactics from your B2C marketing peers that you can use to aid your lead generation and demand generation efforts with 2 examples. When it comes to digital marketing, regardless of whether you’re selling to people who are purchasing something for their workplace or themselves, you’re still selling to people.

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Lead Optimization: 10 audience questions answered

Lead optimization is the core of revenue optimization – making as much money as possible from your time, energy and resources. In response to many questions following a recent webinar, “Optimizing the Lead: A data-driven optimization process that goes beyond lead capture,” Brian Carroll sat down and answered 10 of the audience-submitted answers.

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Top Takeaways B2B Roundtable Webinars

I can’t stress this enough: when it comes to marketing, if we’re not constantly learning, we’re going to find ourselves left behind faster than ever. Some people say I’m an expert in B2B lead generation because I wrote a book on it, but you know what? I am astonished by what I didn’t know then […]

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