PR Has New Rules for Reaching Buyers Directly

In launching my book, I didn’t want to rely on the same time-worn lead generation tactics as everyone else. A normal book launch involves sending press releases to the media and then hoping and praying that overworked and overwhelmed journalists (who doesn’t know you exist already) will suddenly see you on the radar…I mean, come on. That’s so “book launch 1.0” (thanks for the idea, Debbie Weil). 

Simply put, the web has changed the rules for press releases. You can now reach your potential customers directly with your PR. This is called PR 2.0. 

Has your PR firm told you about this yet? If not, the reason may be this…many PR professionals resist direct-to-consumer PR. Just like many marketers resist changing the way they do lead generation from “campaigns” to “conversations.” 

Another important reason is that it’s hard to admit you are powerless to start, control and mold your message. Just like you can’t dominate a conversation without risking that people may tune you out. The key is that you need to listen first, ask the right questions, participate and be relevant. 

David Meerman Scott, author of Cashing In With Content, wrote a post on direct to consumer press releases today as discussion leader on the IAOC blog.  He features my recent book launch as a direct to consumer news release case example.  It all began in this conversation, Direct-to-Consumer News Releases: Do they suck?

If you have not read it already, I recommend you get David’s free e-book “The New Rules of PR.” It explains how to create a press release strategy for reaching buyers directly.  It’s made a world of difference to me. 

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