Podcast: What Sales Really Needs From Marketing

John Jantsch, small business marketing expert and author of Duct Tape Marketing recently interviewed me and sales expert Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies about what sales really needs from marketing.

This podcast was conducted for the marketing alliance partners for Sage Software, makers of ACT!, Peachtree and SageCRM software.  John originally hoped that Jill and I would debate or lock horns (Jill from the sales viewpoint and me from the marketing viewpoint). Instead, we could almost finish each others sentences : )

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I share more ideas on what marketing can do to create and nurture leads before handing them off to the sales force.

Listen to the B2B Roundtable podcast now

P.S. I just read John Jantsch’s new book, Duct Tape Marketing. If you’re a small business owner (or plan to be one in the future) you’ll want to put this book on your reading list. It’s great. If you decide to get a copy, you should check out his bonus offers. I’ll be posting my Amazon review soon.

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