Podcast: A new role for sales as expert content filters

I just had a great interview with Robin Carey, co-founder of the Customer Collective.

Salespeople have become the second choice for information among buyers who’d rather just go to the Internet. This trend actually creates an opportunity for those who think and act like trusted advisors.

You can listen here

In the interview, I share how I got my start and how the Internet has shifted control away from marketers and salespeople. I also describe how today’s sales people can add value to the buying process by becoming expert content filters for prospects. This is the key to lead nurturing with a human touch.

What’s The Customer Collective? It’s a new business outreach community for sales and marketing executives. It was built in collaboration with established media companies like Business Week, ZDNet and BNET. I see it as a social media site (that doesn’t focus on social media) but rather looks at real meat and potatoes sales and marketing. We need more sites like this.

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