A multi-modal approach to lead nurturing

To be successful at lead nurturing marketers can’t rely on one specific channel but rather they need to leverage a multi-modal portfolio of channels especially when you have a complex sale.

Why? The goal of lead nurturing is to maintain a relevant and consistent dialog with viable future customers – regardless of their timing to buy. In short, it’s about relationships.

To help illustrate, I created a mind map of what multi-modal lead nurturing looks like (click image to enlarge).

, A multi-modal approach to lead nurturing

Are there any lead nurturing channels/modalities that I’m missing?

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If you keep the idea about that nurturing is about building relationships top of mind, the way you nurture leads will naturally go beyond a single channel like e-mail. You’ll start thinking about how you and your sales people can be a relevant resource. When you do that, you don’t have to sell to people. They will come to you first when they are ready.

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