How are B2B Marketers Optimizing their Funnel?

The following infographic dissects all the stages of the marketing funnel – from lead generation to sales conversion – and the best strategies and tactics marketers are using to drive leads from one stage of the funnel to the next.

Top 5 most effective demand generation tactics

1. Website design, management, and optimization
2. SEO
3. Email marketing
4. Content marketing
5. Tradeshows

Top 3 tactics for creating engaging content

1. Using a multichannel messaging strategy
2. Improving thought leadership
3. Segmenting the delivery of content

More demand generation stats:

The average percentage of B2B inquiries that are qualified and ready for Sales 27%

The percentage of B2B organizations that verify a valid business lead for leads before they are passed to Sales 56%

The average percentage of B2B leads that will buy 20%

, How are B2B Marketers Optimizing their Funnel?

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“In the increasingly challenging B2B marketing environment, this represents a huge opportunity for marketers to get ahead of the curve, to be true contributors to the success of their organizations and see their work result in significantly improved ROI,” she enthuses. “Identifying and optimizing their marketing funnel will be great for their companies, not to mention their own careers.

“Conversely, if they don’t develop their funnels, their marketing activities won’t be nearly as effective as they could be,” she points out.

That doesn’t surprise me, considering that tactics without strategy are little more than tasks. In this economic climate, who can afford to do tasks without the best possible results?

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