Lead generation ROI depends on a good handoff

In high school track, I competed in the 4 x 100 relay race. My team wasn’t fast but we had a great coach. He drilled us on how to handoff the baton to near perfection.  We won a number of races against much faster teams because we were simply better at execution of the handoff.   

If lead generation were like a relay race – during the handoff – the baton gets dropped more often than not.  I have never seen a team drop the baton and win. 

So if you’re in a competitive race against another company, that runs the same speed as your team, to reach a potential customer, who do you think will win? The team who hands off the baton (lead) better right? 

Does your team take the baton and run when you pass a lead off or does it get dropped?  Assuming you have a universal lead definition and qualify each inquiry already, I’d like your thoughts on how marketers can can improve the hand-off to sales? 

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