Lead Generation Via Direct Marketing is Coming Back

Legitimate email marketing has dipped due to aggressive filtering and SPAM. As a result, B2B Marketers are increasing their direct mail budgets. Also, I’ve noticed a significant uptick inquiries for our B2B lead generation services.

Reaching Top Execs via Direct Mail
If you want to reach top executives, a simple letter with a #10 envelope can be just as powerful as flashy packaging or (expensive) 3-dimensional mailings. If you need a resource here’s a decent book, The Power to Get In. It explains step-by-step how to write executive access letters (most people can skip the first 4 chapters).

Bad Data trashes ROI
I’ve found that most marketers do a great job on copy and design but they miss the most critical success factor… their list. According to published reports, more than 20% of contact information changes annually. That’s a conservative estimate. In some cases, I’ve seen over 40% of CRM database information changes annually.

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