Lead nurturing putting the human touch into action with video and email

I had a great time doing my webinar on putting the human touch into lead generation sponsored by Citrix Online and we had almost 1600 people register. Wow!

In my presentation I emphasized how lead nurturing is about timing, consistency and relevance.

Today (which happens to be my 38th birthday) I got this email with a personal video from Gary Anderson, CEO of NetBriefings. I wanted to share this with you because I think it is a great example of lead nurturing by combining the human touch and timing in a personal way that connected with their business value proposition.

Brian, I heard it was your Birthday today! Here is my personal Birthday Video Greeting!


Have a Great Day!!!!  You deserve it!!

Gary W. Anderson

The video is 29 seconds but it made my day and I must confess that it caused me to think about his company (which is the point). Please note: it’s not a polished or pretty video but he put in some effort to be personal and that’s what made it stand out. That said, I don’t think this would work for everybody.  Let me know what you think.

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