Lead nurturing thoughts

It’s surprising how many marketers now say they do “lead nurturing” but in reality they are just sending monthly email campaigns or monthly newsletters with some call to action.

If all you do is send generic email marketing messages to your early stage leads over and over and over again, you’re missing the point. Consistency is good but being relevant and then consistent is even better.

To be truly effective, marketers must get over the “automated only” approach to lead nurturing (meaning there’s no actual human interaction just a blind system that can’t think). The point of nurturing is to build relationships and to do that we need to have a dialog between people that’s relevant and consistent. We need the human touch.

I was interviewed on the subject of lead nurturing by Jon Miller, VP of Marketing at Marketo and he writes the Modern B2B Marketing Blog.

Link: “Lead nurturing with Brian Carroll”

In the interview we discuss the importance of the human touch in lead nurturing, the best ways to encourage early stage leads to start an active buying cycle, and the ROI of thought leadership.

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