Lead Generation tips for Tradeshows and Events

Tradeshows and events are still being used consistently by B2B marketers for lead generation.

With that in mind, Roger Lewis has some useful tips on how to improve your lead management strategy with from tradeshows.

Lewis emphasizes how vital lead capture is to the lead management process.

He writes:

Without the continuity of using one lead management solution across all your yearly events, your company is often left with:

  • Inconsistent data fields that are difficult to import into CRM systems;
  • Unnecessary or missing data;
  • Different formats that need to be painstakingly modified;
  • No ability to capture lead qualification survey data; and most importantly,
  • Missed sales opportunities because the sales group is forced to cull through a list of unqualified contacts.

Focus on sales lead quality over quantity

I agree. I believe a key aspect is developing a process that emphasizes lead quality over lead quantity. Well-meaning marketers can ruin their lead generation results by rushing an unqualified list of tradeshow attendees to their sales team.

Early stage leads – those who are not ready to speak to a sales person yet – are great candidates for an effective lead nurturing program.

After doing numerous lead qualification programs at InTouch, we have found only 5% to 10% of trade show inquiries are truly sales-ready leads; so don’t pass marketing driven inquiries to your salespeople until they’re more rigorously qualified as sales-ready leads.

We must realize that the extreme time pressure salespeople face—especially those with a complex sale—requires them to ignore what is not immediately relevant and highly likely to produce revenue. Why? They are not paid to do anything else. And that makes quality more important than quantity to them.

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