Optimize your lead generation and marketing to get significant results

Get quick wins and improve sales and marketing collaboration

Lead generation is the single most significant touch point between sales and marketing.

You could have the best mindset, strategy, and tactics, and the most exceptional team of sales and marketing.

However, without the collaboration of everyone involved, you have little more than unrealized potential.

Lead acceleration workshops help your marketing and sales bridge the gap, collaborate and get more sales and revenue growth from things you're already doing but haven't fully maximized.

Best of all, you'll have more clarity and a clear vision to help ensure your success.
We can help you with the following:

  • Develop a lead scoring approach that works
  • Get a handle on the politics around lead generation and get quick wins
  • Understand key trigger events that can improve your opportunity conversion exponentially
  • Develop an ideal customer profile far beyond "whoever will buy our stuff."
  • Map the buyer personas and the hero story of their buying journey 
  • Understand what must be done to ensure your lead definition remains on target
  • And more

What Clients Say


Demonstrates expertise

Brian demonstrates expertise in the field of lead generation and his approach helped define a successful process for complex selling situations.

Matthew Gonnering CEO at Widen

Understands today's marketplace

Brian and his company did an excellent job for my organization. Brian is a man who truly understands today's marketplace.

Andrew Marris Market Development - PDS

Exceeded my expectations

Brian helped me create a successful lead generation and management system. Brian worked with me personally to ensure that the solution exceeded my expectations and fit within my budget

Kathy Nottingham Director of Marketing - Pitney Bowes

Big part of our success

Brian's leadership was a big part of our success. His guidance in sales pipeline management helped us deliver leads to our sales team that were honestly appreciated. I would recommend him to anyone trying to grow their business through new customer acquisition.

Jaren Green Director, eBusiness - IHS

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