Website Landing Pages impact Lead Generation results

Lead generation remains the top priority for B2B websites.  As a result, most marketers are focused on improving their organic search engine visibility and trying to get top rankings via SEO. 

That’s a good thing – but as many of us know – generating a ton of clicks/visitors does not mean that more sales leads will follow. 

On average, web visitors spend just 8-seconds scanning a website landing page before they decide to leave.  So what else can you do to improve the traction of your website to generate more leads?   

MarketingSherpa published a great case study that explains how landing page design impacts lead generation results.  (BTW – every page is a landing page to search engines)

The case study features, Ken Kornbluth, President MarketingPilot who says, “…People are really calling from our landing pages. Ten times more people call now. Most landing pages don’t do that!”  Kornbluth’s website now generates 1000% more website inquiries! 

Lead Generation Site Redesign: How to Get More Big Company Execs to Call You

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