How to Get the Twitter Username You’ve Always Wanted (even if it’s taken)

Don’t forget to secure your Twitter name! I signed up for twitter a year an half ago but that wasn’t soon enough to get my hands on my company’s Twitter name of choice of @intouch.

So if you were late to the party (like me) I’m happy to say there still might be hope. I found this blog post How to Snap Up that Twitter Username You’ve Always Wanted posted by @zee

I followed Zee’s process and I’m pleased to say it worked for us! Maybe it will work for you too.

Here’s what we did

  1. Emailed [email protected] with the following information:

    • The username you want
    • Your existing username, if you have one
    • Whether you want to change your username, or start a new account with the username you’re requesting

  2. I received confirmation the email had been received a few minutes later, then another email asking me to reply with the above information (if I hadn’t already provided it).
  3. Literally, 3 weeks later, I had my account switched from @intouch5 (BTW intouch1-4 were already taken!) to @intouch.

Why did it work?

The person who took my company’s name was inactive. Twitter has a policy that if a profile has been “inactive” for a period of time they release the name. In my case @intouch was never updated by the previous user so we were lucky. I hope this helps and I wish you success!

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