I need leads – hold the pickles

If lead generation could be as easy as having customers coming to you… like in a drive though resturant. That would be perfect right?

Phone rings… hello?
Yeah, this is John Smith and my company needs more leads for our sales team (crackly speaker) hold the pickles please.

So, are you sending inquiries or qualified leads to over your sales team? I’ve talked with at least 100 companies, in the last 6-months, and 90% of them don’t have a clear and universal definition of what is a sales lead means. These companies (the ones I’ve talked to anyway) are crippling ROI by not asking this essential question. What is a lead?

Answering – What is a lead?
Do your sales people know? How’ bout marketing? Teamwork is essential to get the maximum ROI from lead generation programs.

Steps to defining a lead…

1. Meet – Get the those who are helping your company gain more customer relationships in a room or conference call. You need a lead who has street credibility who will set the tone that we’re in this battle together. If you have team issues I suggest Fish on my reading list or 5 Dysfunctions of a Team also on my reading list.

2. Ask the question what do you consider a qualified lead? Now shut up and listen. Everybody must play.

3. Don’t stop there with one meeting summarizethe notes from your meeting and have another meeting. Is everyone satisfied with the definition? You need a strong consensus.

4. Publish the, Universal Lead Definition everywhere so people know.

5. Close-the-loop. Sales/Marketing should meet bi-weekly to review if the lead definition is accurate. Ask questions like this… Was X a lead? Did they enter the sales process? Why / Why not? What else would you like to have known about this lead? How can we improve? What should we stop doing? What should we start doing?

I’m happy to send you a sample lead definition meeting agenda.

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