Lead generation with Podcasts

The audience for podcasts is tiny when compared to other marketing mediums, but growing especially, in the context of the complex sale.

Podcasting is proving to be a great way to share multimedia content because your audience can fetch it automatically or when it fits their schedule.

Why podcasts?

Podcasting is already successfully used for:

  • Talk radio complete with a topic and call-in listeners where voice mailboxes can play the audio into the podcast.
  • Ideas or tips of the day.
  • Short interviews with thought leaders and industry experts.
  • Recording speeches or teleconferences for later distribution.

A new article in BtoB Magazine by Karen J. Bannan on podcasts caught my attention.  Bannan’s article examines how John Costigan Cos. is using podcasts to generate sales leads and revenue for their sales training events.

I’m going to share some ideas on how to use podcasts for lead generation with podcast expert, Joe Cullinane over at the Cullinane & Green Report sometime in the next week.  Joe just did an interesting podcast with best selling author, Guy Kawasaki.

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