Inquiry management and search marketing strategy

BtoB Magazine’s Carol Krol interviewed Kevin Lee, executive chairman of Did-it Search Marketing on “Effective Search Strategies.” I first met Kevin as a fellow speaker at MarketingSherpa’s first Lead Generation Summit.

I liked what Kevin had to say when Krol asked him this question, “What are the top three things a marketer should be wary of when evaluating a search marketing strategy?” I think Kevin’s points serve as a good reminder for web inquiry management.

I’ve summarized Kevin’s three points:

  1. Don’t be too Web myopic. Don’t focus exclusively on Web-based leads because typically in a b-to-b environment, a prospect may choose to communicate with your company by telephone or some other channel.
  2. All leads are not created equal. This is true offline and online. Don’t oversimplify. Qualify the leads first.
  3. The velocity of inquiry follow-up matters. Your response time say’s more about you then you realize. If your competition takes 24 hours to respond and it takes you days to respond, you’re in big trouble. And don’t just send a canned response either.

BtoB Magazine: Effective search strategies

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