Differentiation, Segmentation Plus Value Proposition

Seth Godin argues that differentiation and segmentation are selfish because they are seller focused. I agree. A strong value proposition is the only thing that captures the attention of overworked and stressed out decision makers because it connects with their needs directly.

Here’s the problem… most companies have lousy value propositions. Often “value propositions” are simply a description of the offering’s features or capabilities. Or they’re filled with irrelevant information (to the customer) and hype (yawn).

So how do you create a strong value proposition?

So how do you create a strong value proposition?
My friend, Jill Konrath, wrote a article about how to create a strong value proposition and posted up on her website. I posted a link to a free teleseminar that you can listen to from your desk.

Get Jill’s Article
Selling to Big Companies: Value Propositions

Listen to the 1-hour seminar I did with Jill Konrath (at your desk)
Is Your Value Proposition Strong Enough?

Seth’s Blog: Differentiation and Segmentation

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