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Optimize your demand generation and ABM to get significant results

Let us help you optimize your demand generation and account based marketing to get better results rapidly

Lead Optimization Support

Designing an optimal lead generation funnel and approach is not easy. Get quick wins that you can use to develop more effective marketing channels for your landing pages, inside sales channel, and lead segmentation efforts.

Lead Qualification and Management Consulting

High-quality leads are critical to a successful B2B marketing campaign. Let us help you empower your sales and marketing teams by building a rock-solid lead qualification program that will improve your lead management efforts.

Lead Nurturing Strategy Development

Nurturing prospects to sales-ready maturity can be a lengthy process. We can help you develop a lead nurturing strategy to progress early stage leads and inspire them from passive interest to active engagement. We can help you build customer empathy maps, buyer journey mapping and strategic story development. 

Inside sales and sales development optimization and testing

Sales development is the art of developing marketing leads and targeted accounts to become sales-qualified. But when it comes to communicating your message in a way that resonates, asking the right questions, and relieving any anxiety those potential leads with empathy, many reps fall short. 

Empathy-Based Marketing Consulting and Training

We provide empathy-based marketing consulting and training so that you can make powerful emotional connections, convert more customers, and drive growth.

What Clients Say


Awesome B2B Marketing Workshop

Awesome #B2BMarketing Workshop from @brianjcarroll, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale author:

Scott Maxwell

Exceeded my expectations

Brian helped me create a successful lead generation and management system. Brian worked with me personally to ensure that the solution exceeded my expectations and fit within my budget

Kathy Nottingham Director of Marketing - Pitney Bowes

Must have book!

What are the Top 10 Best #Sales Books? A bookshelf must have @brianjcarroll #leadership

Ian Swanston Sales Speaker | Author | Coach | Trainer | Sales Strategist

Big part of our success

Brian's leadership was a big part of our success. His guidance in sales pipeline management helped us deliver leads to our sales team that were honestly appreciated. I would recommend him to anyone trying to grow their business through new customer acquisition.

Jaren Green Director, eBusiness - IHS

Understands today's marketplace

Brian and his company did an excellent job for my organization. Brian is a man who truly understands today's marketplace.

Andrew Marris Market Development - PDS

Demonstrates expertise

Brian demonstrates expertise in the field of lead generation and his approach helped define a successful process for complex selling situations.

Matthew Gonnering CEO at Widen

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