Cold calling and the Complex Sale

I was surprised to find out that my 14-year-old daughter searched YouTube for any mention of her dear old dad. She stumbled across a video that included a recent mention of my book, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. (Isn’t it just amazing how easy it is in today’s world for our children to get the goods on their parents?)

The video turned out to be pretty interesting.

It was produced by ASG Group, a European company that helps their clients improve their sales processes. The video features the company’s principal, John Gorman, making some really nice points about teleprospecting. Of course, I’m thrilled that he mentioned my book, but I was also happy to see that he really understands the philosophy we built InTouch around.

I was impressed by Gorman’s first observation: He says that while sales activity seems to be up for a lot of folks, he has to wonder if it’s just because they are cold calling more people. His concern is that this old-fashioned cold calling isn’t a part of a systematic, sophisticated approach to sales.

His point is that we need to start thinking from our buyers perspective.

We need to stop interrupting people’s day. Instead, we need to make our calls a part of a multi-modal and multi-touch approach to lead generation. We need to earn permission and then we need to be sure that we are giving them something of value in return for their time. And, I agree with him wholeheartedly that complex sales require a much higher level of trust and credibility than say a sale of a copy machine. And you’re not going to get that by just getting more folks on the horn.

As Gorman says, “We need to think about being on top of mind.” On the ball. With it. Generating leads based on conversations that matter – conversations that are intellectual. Conversations that go beyond the next three months.

Watch the video on YouTube: It’s worth 8 minutes of your time, and I promise, I’m not just saying that because he mentions my book! Let me know what you think.

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