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The 20 Best CRM Blogs of 2008

Inside CRM ranked the top CRM blogs based on their insights, readability and frequency of posting. I’m honored to have been included on the list. As I read over the list (which includes 20 blogs) I discovered some new ones worth reading along with bloggers already follow like Jim Berkowitz, who writes the CRM Mastery […]

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Why Writing Blogs Just for SEO Will Inevitably Fail

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains critically important for B2B marketers doing lead generation online. And it’s pretty common advice to hear: launch a blog because the relevant content will attract links and improve your search engine visibility. Blogs can offer little-known companies name recognition, and the chance to boost traffic and generate leads well beyond […]

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Web Analytics for B2B Lead Generation

In the complex sale, the length of the buying cycle makes the connection between on-the-web activity and the off-line decision to purchase much more difficult to trace. So the challenge is connecting our website data (analytics), with marketing data (inquiries and leads) with the sales process and revenue (closing the loop). I came across Manoj […]

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Alltop a single page blog dashboard of sorts

If you don’t have time to search though multiple blogs I recommend you check out Alltop. The site was launched by marketing wiz, blogger, author, entrepreneur & venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. What’s different about Alltop? It’s really a selection of the top 50 RSS feeds (i.e. mostly blogs) in 20 categories. All that information is […]

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Lesson’s learned from Podcasting

If you plan on entering the world of podcasting or want to make yours better, you can read what I’ve learned in my MarketingProfs article, “Lessons Learned from Podcasting.” Similar to blogging, podcasting is a medium that B2B marketers remain on the fence about. Are they worth the time investment? Should you start a podcast […]

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E-book: Why Naked CRM Doesn't Work

Did you know your CRM might be naked? I never thought of it that way until I read this compelling e-book by Ardath Albee.  One of my most read blog posts in 2005 asked “Why don’t sales people update the CRM and what can be done about it?” This remains a hot topic for many […]

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