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What is a marketing strategy?

A plan of action and built and designed to promote and sell a service or product. Developing a good strategy for marketing is created from customer insight, research, product market fit, value proposition.

Market strategy and tactics include:  outbound marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, sales strategy search engine optimization, and branding & design

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B2B Marketing: Do you know how much your CEO really invests in demand generation?

If it’s almost unheard of for your sales team to make a cold call thanks to a sales pipeline bursting with steaming-hot leads generated by your marketing department, skip this post. If it isn’t, I strongly encourage you to read the following article, which initially appeared on the MarketingExperiments Blog. It’s written by Dave Green, […]

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B2B Marketing: Playbook for sales and marketing alignment

Be honest. How does your sales team perceive the leads Marketing produces? They love them – couldn’t be happier! They complain about lead quality. They complain about lead volume. The say leads, what leads? Marketing gives us leads? If you chose answer number #1, the first thing I would say is, “Well done.” The second thing […]

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Sales and marketing alignment: tips for getting it right with lead generation

According to the 2008 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study, only 37% of respondents agreed that their sales and marketing organizations are aligned in what their customers want and need. I discussed this disconnect with Bill Golder in the February issue of Sales & Marketing Management. You can check out the interview online: Chronicles of […]

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Looking for a little marketing wisdom?

Well, I’ve got, oh about a hundred suggestions for you all courtesy of MarketingSherpa’s latest Wisdom Report. Sherpa’s free report is filled with mini-stories from our colleagues in the marketing world who have learned through trial and error. The topics of this year’s report touched on just about every aspect of marketing out there – […]

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