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What is a marketing strategy?

A plan of action and built and designed to promote and sell a service or product. Developing a good strategy for marketing is created from customer insight, research, product market fit, value proposition. Market strategy and tactics include:  outbound marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, sales strategy search engine optimization, and branding & design

Must-read marketing strategy articles

3 Good Questions to Align B2B Marketing, Sales, and Strategy 31 ways to improve marketing-sales alignment quickly Marketing Strategy: 3 Steps to find the best tactics and results Why Not To Focus On Marketing and Sales Alignment In 2019

Webinar Replay: Six Funnel Focal Points to Finish 2011 Strong – Part 2

For proven approaches to drive the highest return on the money you’ve invested in marketing and sales this year, watch the replay of the second half of our webinar presentation, “Six Funnel Focal Points to Finish 2011 Strong.” It’s chock full of immediately actionable advice, emerging from data-driven case studies and science-based research, to help […]

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Get on the fast track to meet, exceed end-of-year goals

The graph at right, published in MarketingSherpa’s 2011 Benchmark Report, provides a snapshot of what marketers care about most. And it’s very telling, especially now. As we approach the fourth quarter, I am acutely aware of why marketers believe generating better leads is a higher priority than generating more leads. In an economy that’s more precarious than […]

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CEO agree to marketing plan

Four Steps to Convince CEOs that Demand Generation Should be a Marketing, Not a Sales, Function

For most of us, the phrase “demand generation” conjures up things like campaigns, trade shows, and the corporate website. But what about sales prospecting? Despite all the newfangled marketing automation tools, most CEOs increase the funding for demand generation by authorizing the expansion of the sales organization. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Books like SNAP Selling, […]

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Why Smart Marketers Think Like Manufacturers

Lead generation has a lot more to do with manufacturing than you might suspect. After all, marketers are “manufacturing” a conversation with customers and prospects. Some of that conversation is mass-customized through communication like personalized email and landing pages. Other parts of the conversation occur in sales or the teleprospecting operation. Thanks to more sophisticated […]

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Is Revenue Contribution the Best Executive Metric for Demand Generation Investments?

We’re almost halfway through the year, and before you know it, marketing management will be putting forth arguments for increased budgets for FY12.  Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of suspect revenue projections from marketing for the purpose of budget justification.  The problem gets acute during budgeting cycles. Suddenly, all revenue is “incremental.” Quite […]

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What Online Marketing Optimization Is and Isn’t

Last week, I attended the first-ever MarketingSherpa/MarketingExperiments Optimization Summit in Atlanta. It was an evidence-based marketer’s dream, three days chock full of real-world case studies and analyses that drilled down to the intricacies of what makes some online marketing campaigns convert better than others. What surprised me, however, was how little this has to do […]

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Four Reasons Why Funnels Are a Marketer’s Best Friend

Funnels are like the central nervous system of the best sales organizations. Few marketing departments depend on funnels to run their business the way sales leaders do. Yes, messaging, segmentation, branding, and numerous other considerations are extremely important. But no tool can impact financial performance for marketing as much as a funnel. There are four […]

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9 Reasons Why B2B Marketing Should Own Teleprospecting

Over the last several years, according to MarketingSherpa, marketing departments are increasingly taking responsibility for tele-prospecting. Why do you suppose that is happening? Let me be clear: teleprospecting is not selling something over the phone, a function that remains squarely in the sales organization. B2B companies use telesprospecting to follow up on and qualify marketing-generated responders, […]

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The Smartest Marketers Never Stop Learning

How do you know what’s really working in marketing? By asking real marketers. MarketingSherpa just published three reports: 2011 B2B Advanced Practices Handbook, CMO Perspectives on B2B Marketing Automation, and CMO Perspectives on the Complex Sale. They are the result of in-depth research of more than 1,000 B2B marketers, including nearly 300 CMOs. They reveal what these front-line professionals have done in the past few months that have created real results.

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The Future of Marketing: The Evolution from Demand Generation to Revenue Performance Management

Learn how the fastest-growing companies are using Revenue Performance Management to optimize return on marketing investment and achieve unprecedented competitive differentiation in this free webinar replay, and sign up for our next webinar, “How ECI Telecom Developed a Content-Marketing Program from Concept to Completion and the Surprising Results.”

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Moving from Demand Generation to Revenue Performance Management

Learn from the pioneers of revenue’s new frontier at the B2B Lead Generation Roundtable Webinar on February 1. Paul Teshima, Eloqua’s Senior Vice President of Customer Strategy and Success, and Hope Frank, Chief Marketing officer for Webtrends, will look at how they, and other top-performing organizations, have optimized the sales and marketing funnel with Revenue Performance Management.

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