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What is lead management?

Lead management is the operational process that includes people and technology to manage leads from the first contact to a closed sale. It facilitates the connection between its advertising and inquiry responses to that advertising.

This process can fall into both marketing operations, sales enablement and is crucial to demand generation ROI. Lead management is often a precursor to sales management and part of overall customer relationship management and customer experience management.

Must read lead management articles

Introduction to Lead Management

How to Do Lead Management That Improves Conversion

4-step lead generation analysis to optimize sales conversion

How to Improve Marketing Qualified Lead Routing Results


B2B Webinar: Research from Harvard, MIT Pinpoints Hard Lead Conversion Lessons with Easy Solutions

According to MarketingSherpa’s B2BMarketing Benchmark Report, almost 70 percent of B2B organizations increased their inbound marketing budgets this year. This includes website design, management, and optimization, as well as inbound-marketing tactics including social media, virtual events and webinars, SEO and pay-per-click. If you’re making the same investment, you will definitely want to attend our next […]

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Closing the loop: Why don’t sales people update the CRM and what can be done about it?

Companies that adopt a closed-loop process connecting marketing and sales report a higher return on marketing investment (ROMI) than those that don’t. But ROMI just isn’t going to happen if your closed loop is a black hole. And that’s certainly the case at too many organizations judging from the feedback I received at my presentation […]

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Effective Lead Management: converting more leads into sales

We had a great turn out for our recent B2B Lead Generation Rountable Webinar “Effective Lead Management: Learn How to Convert Marketing Leads into Sales Pipeline.” In case you missed the live presentation, there are still two ways you can review it: Watch the Presentation recording (no registration) Read the Effective Lead Management Executive Summary […]

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Taking my five-step lead management ‘playbook’ on the road

Why do so many companies struggle with the lead generation process?  Simple. Even the very best lead generation program cannot compensate for poor teamwork and collaboration. You can actually achieve major ROI gains by optimizing a just few key aspects of your lead management process. I just finished up the MarketingSherpa Demand Generation Summit in […]

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B2B Lead management is far from an easy task

Companies that adopt effective lead management processes generate more revenue from their lead generation investment and have overall higher close rates on marketing generated leads than those that do not. But I’ve encountered very few companies that really do lead management. What is lead management? Lead management is a multistage process that manages the conversion […]

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