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What is lead management?

Lead management is the operational process that includes people and technology to manage leads from the first contact to a closed sale. It facilitates the connection between its advertising and inquiry responses to that advertising. This process can fall into both marketing operations, sales enablement and is crucial to demand generation ROI. Lead management is often a precursor to sales management and part of overall customer relationship management and customer experience management.

Must read lead management articles

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Inquiry management and search marketing strategy

BtoB Magazine’s Carol Krol interviewed Kevin Lee, executive chairman of Did-it Search Marketing on “Effective Search Strategies.” I first met Kevin as a fellow speaker at MarketingSherpa’s first Lead Generation Summit. I liked what Kevin had to say when Krol asked him this question, “What are the top three things a marketer should be wary […]

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Getting your sales channel to really follow-up on sales leads

B2B marketers know getting field sales people to follow-up on sales leads is tough but getting channel partners (VARs, resellers and distributors) to follow-up and close-the-loop seems down right impossible. If you’re supporting multiple sales channels with lead generation, you’ll probably like this case study by MarketingSherpa.  It explains how GE Access Distribution got their […]

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Closing the Lead Generation Loop at Nortel Networks

To effectively track lead generation ROI you need to implement a closed-loop-feedback process that allows you to track leads from first contact to close. Here’s an article from Supply & Demand Chain Executive, which features, Nortel Networks.  The article explains how Nortel created a closed-loop-feedback process that helped them, “resolve the age-old issue of the […]

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Lead Generation meets the Bermuda Triangle

I read that B2B companies are expected to increase lead generation spending in 2005.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of their budget spend won’t help increase revenue. Why?  Their sales leads are disappearing in what I call the, Bermuda Triangle of Lead Generation; Sales, Marketing and IT. In the U.S. roughly 80% of leads are typically […]

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