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What is lead generation?

Lead generation describes the marketing strategy of developing and capturing interest in a product or service to develop a sales pipeline. Demand Generation and lead generation are connected. Often Lead generation uses multiple digital channels. Lead generation has been undergoing dramatic changes in recent years from the rise of social media, content marketing, and inside sales.

Must read lead generation articles

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Using Six Sigma to improve Lead Generation peformance

I just got back from speaking at today’s Minnesota Technology Forum where one of the other speakers was from 3M. They are one of the world’s major adopters and proponents of Six Sigma. The question that changed everything The speaker shared how Six Sigma helped 3M improve their sales team’s effectiveness by increasing the quality […]

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Why Quality Leads First

I read a great article by Justin Hitt which emphasizes the importance of quality over quanity in lead generation efforts. It’s a great reminder of this fundamental truth which is, “focus on quality first and then worry about ramping up quantity.” Exerpt from Justin Hitt’s Inside Strategic Relations, 1 August 2004 Newsletter Unfocused lead generation […]

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Lead generation after the sale is made

Many sales professionals practice what could be called, “drive by selling.” Once the deal is done, these professional hunters have already shifted their focus to getting their next prey. I think this article from Business Day, is relevant to anyone who has a complex sale. It reminds us that the first YES is just the […]

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Top Offline lead generation tactics

Looking for the most effective way to generate leads? A recent survey conducted by MarketingSherpa in March 2004 asked marketers, “What are your top offline lead generation tactics?” The following lead generation tactics were considered extremely effective in (in order of effectiveness) 1. In-person seminars / road shows 2. Telemarketing3. Direct mail4. Trade shows You […]

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Behavior Counts in Sales Lead Generation

Barbara Mednick, a Twin Cities marketing communications consultant and freelance writer for the Star Tribune, wrote a recent article about sales behavior. Barb asserts, that in a complex sale, “your behavior counts – even when you don’t think you’re working.” It begins with the mindset of becoming a trusted advisor – one who seeks to […]

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Differentiation, Segmentation Plus Value Proposition

Seth Godin argues that differentiation and segmentation are selfish because they are seller focused. I agree. A strong value proposition is the only thing that captures the attention of overworked and stressed out decision makers because it connects with their needs directly. Here’s the problem… most companies have lousy value propositions. Often “value propositions” are […]

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Success with sales leads

The management of sales leads is critical to generating Return on Marketing Investment. The Yankee Group Report, “Improving Sales Effectiveness in a Down Economy,” states, “Solving the lead management problem is especially critical in challenging economic times. Companies need to prevent each lead from falling through the cracks- which happens 70 to 80 percent of […]

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Lead generation ROI depends on data quality

Don’t waste precious your lead generation budget on old databases. According to published reports, more than 20% of contact information changes annually. That’s a conservative estimate. In some cases, I’ve seen over 40% of CRM database information changes annually. For most marketers, I’ve found, data quality is an afterthought. Who can blame them? It’s boring […]

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Lead generation to sphere of influence

If your current lead generation program reaches only the decision maker, there’s no consequence for them to ignore you. Bottom line: Most of your prospects are not as concerned about your solution as they are with the relationships they have with their coworkers, superiors and subordinates. The example below shows the sphere of influence for […]

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Do you know a qualified lead when you see one?

Mac just published an article in his e-newsletter on defining a qualified lead. You may think you know what a qualified sales lead is, but if you asked your salespeople and corporate executives, would they have the same definition? Mac McIntosh’s newsletter for business-to-business sales & marketing professionals: Do you know a qualified lead when […]

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