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sales hustle., cold calling. cold emails, prospectingWhat is inside sales?

Inside sales is remote sales done by remote reps who work via phone, email, chat, and virtual meeting to do prospecting and sell. This model is used in B2B, technology, SaaS and industries with complex sales models.

Currently, inside sales is done remotely by reps who are often referred to as business development reps, inside sales reps, opportunity development reps, or teleprospectors.

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Inside sales big with Xerox

Do you use the telephone as part of your multi-modal lead generation strategy?  A recent BtoB Magazine article by Carol Krol, “Copy this: Telemarketing big with Xerox” shows that, although the phone may not be as buzz worthy as other lead generation tools, it remains the backbone to successful lead generation.  However, as Krol’s article […]

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Personal lead generation tools

If you do lead generation (a.k.a. prospecting) for yourself you may want to read the WSJ article, “End of the Cold Call?” by Jeanette Borzo.  The article features tools that will aid sales people, entrepreneurs, and professionals with their personal lead generation efforts.  It’s important to note that these tools will help users begin conversations […]

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Reaching Decision Makers

Reaching decision makers today seems harder than ever. To develop an effective lead generation program, you need a process that identifies decision makers along with their sphere of influence before you can initiate a productive conversation. I was recently interviewed on the subject for the article “Reaching the Decision Maker” by Scott Bekker, editor in […]

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Podcast Segment 1: Selling to BIG Companies

If you’re involved in complex sale, be sure to listen to the recording of my live teleseminar with Jill Konrath, Chief Sales Officer and author of Selling to Companies.  Over 93% of the live audience (200 marketers and sellers) strongly agreed or agreed that they found value in attending this session.  I’m sure you will […]

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Podcast Segment 3: Selling to BIG Companies

Segment 3 from my 1-hour live interview with Jill Konrath, Chief Sales Officer and author of Selling to Big Companies. Listen to Segment 3: Selling to BIG Companies (13:58 min 3.2 MB) Why do you hate unique selling propositions?  If they don’t work, what do you recommend? How do you develop an account entry plan?  […]

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