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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating, developing, distributing high-quality content to attract potential buyers and also progress them along their buying journey.

It focuses on helping you develop a relationship with a specific audience so that eventually when they’re ready to make a purchase decision, you’ve influenced their purchase preference and choice.

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Insights Into the World of Content Marketing

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Multichannel Marketing: How zombies invaded a B2B campaign

Utilizing pop culture in your B2B marketing efforts can pay off big if you deliver the right message at the right time to an audience that can connect your service to your play on the reference. Watch the video segment with Christine Nurnberger, Vice President Marketing, SunGard Availability Services, speaking on how the B2B IT disaster recovery company was able to take advantage of the pop culture zombie trend to create an effective multichannel marketing effort.

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The Domino Theory of B2B Content Marketing

Too often, marketers think of content marketing as only text and graphics. But, content marketing is the entire customer experience across your customer-facing brand touchpoints. In this blog post, learn about how the “domino theory” of content marketing is a perfect metaphor for engaging prospects, not just within the buying cycle, but across the lifecycle of a customer.

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B2B Content Marketing: 5 questions every marketer should ask themselves when using native advertising

We’ve heard how native advertising is going to revolutionize the advertising industry and phase out traditional display ads. But despite all of that hype, it seems like everyone still has no concurrent idea to what native advertising actually is. Read this B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post to learn more about what native marketing is and how it can aid your marketing efforts.

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