A New Chapter for the B2B Lead Blog

You may have noticed the B2B Lead Blog has a new look.

That’s because it’s my personal blog again. After working MECLABS (resulting from the acquisition of InTouch) I’m on my own again and building a new company called markempa.

Over the next few months, I’ll launch my new company. I also am working on my next book, after Lead Generation for the Complex Sale.

How will the blog change?

It means I’ll continue to share ideas, strategies, and approaches as I learn.

Back when I started this blog in 2003, I couldn’t find resources and practical ideas related to lead generation for the complex sale. So I started writing this blog to share what I was learning. That was 13-years ago and so much has changed.

The Internet, customer buying behavior, digital marketing and the rise of martech have created a whole new marketing and sales world. We’re leveraging tools and approaches nonexistent a decade ago. And new companies and careers are now built up around them.

Preparing for the Future of B2B Marketing

The future of marketing and sales will include more technology like machine learning, predictive data analytics, and self-optimizing systems. These tools will enable and augment marketers in ways we haven’t imagined.

But here’s the thing, at its core marketing, sales and lead generation will always be about building relationships. Technology can’t replace our intuition, and there’s no way to automate trust. Building our customers belief and trust takes time. And that’s why I’m doing new research because we need to be prepared to embrace the future.

What’s Next for the B2B Lead Blog?

I’m doing research on empathetic marketing and I’ll share more about that soon. I’m also excited about bringing you other thought-leading voices in sales and marketing via interviews, guest blog posts, events, and exclusive content.

Lastly, if you subscribe to this blogs via RSS, please update your subscription to the new feed at the top right of the page or use this address: https://www.b2bleadblog.com/feed

I look forward to keeping up with the accelerating evolution B2B lead generation, demand generation, and marketing for the complex sale, and helping you do the same.

Thank you for reading all these years.

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