Lesson’s learned from Podcasting

If you plan on entering the world of podcasting or want to make yours better, you can read what I’ve learned in my MarketingProfs article, "Lessons Learned from Podcasting."

Similar to blogging, podcasting is a medium that B2B marketers remain on the fence about. Are they worth the time investment? Should you start a podcast to generate leads? I would say probably not, at least if that’s your only motivation.

Podcasts work because they have an appeal of authenticity. There is power in the human voice. And that’s why they are a great way to positively inform and educate your audience. If that’s a goal you have, then read on.

Think of podcasts as content pieces to use as part a lead nurturing program. If you’re going to start podcasting don’t just do one and see what happens. A good podcast requires a commitment to do more than one to build your audience.

Here are some podcast ideas you can try:

  • Ideas or tips of the day, week or month
  • Talk radio complete with topic and call-in listeners
  • Short interviews with thought leaders and industry experts
  • Recording speeches, webinars or teleconferences for later distribution
  • Promote an upcoming event by giving a preview of the speaker or content

I’ve done a number of podcasts and learned that my listeners don’t have time for 20 minute podcasts. For future podcasts, I’m going to break them into shorter bite sized segments. Also, I’m exploring some technologies that allow smart tagging of audio so people can skip ahead or click into the specific audio content they believe is relevant.  Any suggestions here would be welcome.

Did you know that most people don’t listen to podcasts via MP3 players? The majority still listen from their desktops instead. That’s a good thing if your using them for lead nurturing. We’ve found that sending links to the podcast audio file via email (as part of a nurturing program) along with a short message is an effective way to reach more listeners.

Ultimately, your reasons for podcasting may be to use your content for lead generation, but I urge you to begin with a heart to make a difference with your audience. If you begin with that in mind, your efforts to inform and educate will be obvious and you’ll increase the odds that your audience will keep listening.

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