Improving Lead Generating And Conversion Rates

I liked this article by Charlie Cook over at SalesMastersWorld.

He writes, "Marketing is a lot like farming. You can’t just head out to your fields and bring in a bountiful harvest. First, you buy seed from the money you’ve budgeted. You buy enough to be sure that a good crop will germinate and thrive until harvest, and you’re likely to plant several different crops to hedge the weather and the market."

The analogy of a marketing and farming is almost cliché but Cook takes it to a level that even a former ‘farm kid’ like me can appreciate. Cook explains that there are three ways of thinking like a farmer can help you convert more leads.

On a side note, what’s your favorite/least favorite analogy for lead generation?  Lately, I’ve heard that lead generation is like dating, farming, gardening, fruit ripening, and fishing. 

Link: Improving Lead Generating And Conversion Rates

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