4-step lead generation analysis to optimize sales conversion

Your process of lead generation is no different from any other in your organization when it comes to optimizing to leverage the greatest possible ROI from your leads. Read further to learn more about four steps you can use to aid your lead generation optimization efforts.

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How the Halo Effect Drives Demand Generation and Leads

The “halo effect” – when your connections have a direct influence on how you are perceived – is a positive marketing situation when those connections are thought leaders and subject matter experts.

This B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post shows you how you can create that positive halo effect and then leverage those connections to drive lead generation.

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Bring more innovation to your demand generation now

Do routinely look for ways to drive innovation with your demand generation approach? Or do you feel behind the curve? According to research by Circle Research, marketers are split. Half of the marketers say they’re “old school” while the other half believe their approach is innovative. Circle Research found that most of the marketers (93%) […]

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How to Use Conversational Marketing to Get More Leads

Traditional sales and marketing methods have failed to keep pace with the way modern B2B buyers purchase goods and services. Meetings, phone calls, and email are still important B2B channels but how can you have immediate conversations? Conversational Marketing is about having direct one-to-one conversations to connect with customers and offer help. By using targeted […]

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Why Not To Focus On Marketing & Sales Alignment In 2019

The page had hardly turned on 2018 when I saw the headline . . . “Why You Need to Align Your Marketing and Sales Team for 2019.” Another year, another article for why it is important for organizations to align their marketing and sales teams – as if organizations do not know this given the […]

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How to improve your account based marketing results

B2B lead generation has had to reinvent itself over the last decade. Sales have always used an account-based approach. Now marketing is getting on board by with account-based marketing. But it’s not an easy road. Here’s why: In the B2B, you’re never selling to an individual. He or she is almost always part of a buying […]

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Lead Nurturing in 6 Simple Steps

Lead nurturing is a key B2B marketing activity, but it’s sometimes seen as a complicated process that requires a lot of technology and time investment. This B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post presents six steps to help take some of those concerns out of the picture, as well as information on lead nurturing channels and timing.

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